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Warhammer Online takes us to epic places

Chris Chester

One fair criticism that many observers of Warhammer Online have levied over the year or so is that from the bits and pieces we've been shown of the game, it looks rather unspectacular. Part of this, we think, is that the lighting elements haven't been fully implemented yet, which gives the game a rather flat, uninteresting look about it. The other reason, it is reasonable to surmise, is that many of the game's most grandiose architectural creations simply haven't been put forward.

In a recent trailer, it seems like many of the games more visually stunning elements are being brought to the fore. While we were still overwhelmed with the sheer volume of brown, the scale of the game is much more evident in this video than in past ones, so the Warhammer faithful among the Massively staff have found cause to be cautiously optimistic.

You might disagree, of course, but make sure to check out the new video after the jump.

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