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A Star Wars Galaxies history lesson: The post-NGE era

Michael Zenke

Fifth Anniversary

The Game Update/Chapter Update split bring us to today, with the most recent Chapter having just gone live last week. Chapter 10 added in a whole new dungeon, what the galaxies team calls a Theme Park. Theme Parks have been in the game since the beginning, but this latest addition is a far more advanced concept, based around a player-favorite group called the Meatlumps and utilizing a unique-in-the-game special purpose currency. The looking for group mechanic, an offering that was sub-par when the game launched and was archaic by todays standards, received a complete overhaul and polish.

Additions like Chapter 10, the upcoming Game Update 5, and discussion of the Battle of Hoth make this an incredibly exciting time to be a Star Wars Galaxies player. Yes, the game is substantially different than it was than when it launched. The SOE folks have openly admitted the NGE was a mistake. But here, now, there's only one Star Wars MMO on the market. The developers are talking closely with the community to understand what they want, and great things are happening in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

What's past is past, and nothing can change that. Welcome back to Star Wars Galaxies.

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