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Blizzard Splash Screen Update for June 27

Justin McElroy

Do you like that headline creativity? The subtitle could be "God, whatever this thing is we wish it would pop its frakking head out of the ice already so we can all move on with our lives." Regardless, today we must soldier on, and bravely speculate about the hidden mysteries of Blizzard's splash page.

So, what's new today? Well, those eye slits from yesterday are most certainly eyes now, and there's a ridge of some sort between them. Our friends at WoW Insider seemed to be inclined to think it's Warcraft's Arthas, and honestly, they make a pretty compelling case. So, it looks like an answer may be close at hand, so it may be your last chance to speculate: Who's beneath the ice?

[Update: After the jump we have a picture that focuses on one of the runes, one that happens to bear a striking resemblance to the Protoss logo you can see here. Thanks Charlesgrand!]

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