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Fragile is back and sturdier than ever

Phil Larsen

The status on Fragile has been officially updated from scanned to gallery'd. Yep, you'll find a whole bunch of fresh, clear and ... don't touch them .. rather pretty images from this intriguing tri-Crescendo RPG in our new gallery.

Fragile? What the heck is that, you say? A history lesson -- it was announced as a "ruin-exploration RPG" last year, and only now has Namco released some new character art and images from in-game scenes. It seemed like vaporware for a brief period there, but new life has sprung forth! It's more stuff, just like we wanted, but we actually meant "give, game now! us!" instead of a simple collection of media.

Here's an idea. Go to the official website, have a read (if understanding Japanese is a skill you possess), and make sure the volume is turned up to let the haunting tune surround you. Hit the gallery for quietly surreal screens and enjoy the Fragile experience! It's not as good as playing the actual game, but it beats playing something you'll regret.


[Via NeoGAF]

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