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LotRO PvP guide: The basics of Monster Play

Shawn Schuster

In the realm of Tolkien's Middle-earth, the ideals of general PvP get a bit complicated. For instance, you would never see bands of Hobbits battling with Elves, or vice versa. It's just not something Tolkien ever envisioned. This is a sticky situation for the developers of an MMO based on Tolkien lore, as PvP is a staple in the massively multiplayer genre. The solution, of course, is to allow players to play as the evil creatures that inhabit these lands. Of course, it is still possible to do a one-on-one duel with another player at any time during the game. This is seen as more of a private skirmish deal, which would happen in any land between any two people for any reason. Perhaps a drunken binge at The Prancing Pony enabled the loosening of your tongue a bit too much? Perhaps that ruffian bloke in the alley over there was eye-balling you a bit too long? Whatever the reason, dueling is a perfectly viable option in Lord of the Rings Online. For the sake of this guide though, we will focus on PvP on a much larger scale.

PvP in LotRO is referred more accurately as PvMP (player versus monster player) and it takes place in one specific area known as the Ettenmoors. It is really unlike most other types of PvP found in more traditional MMOs, as it could almost be considered PvP for PvEers. There are quests to pursue, areas to explore and skills to unlock, yet they're done in a way that is essentially separate from the rest of the game.

Continue through to our PvMP gallery for a complete visual tour of the basics of Monster Play.

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