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Rumor: Samsung releasing Xbox 360 TV this Fall

Dustin Burg

You remember the rumor that hit the interwebs yesterday regarding Microsoft allowing third party manufacturers to incorporate the Xbox 360 in other products? Well, today we bring you yet another rumor that piggybacks the third party manufacturer rumor which ultimately makes it a rumor based on a rumor that can't be confirmed. Confusion aside and simply put, Samsung is rumored to be releasing an Xbox 360 integrated television this Fall.

Coming from the guys over at MAXCONSOLE comes word that Samsung is developing an Xbox 360 built into a LCD television called the X-Series and will feature 4 USB ports, 512MB HDD and is set to release this November in both the US and Europe. Interesting, no? Our official take on this Xbox 360 TV rumor is that it's a quick photoshop job and is complete bologna. Especially the fact that it'll only use a 512MB HDD, because we don't think they even manufacture 512MB hard drives anymore. Pessimism is all the rage.

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