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Understanding Guild Wars gameplay

Shawn Schuster

Some MMOs are fairly straightforward, and we have come to expect a certain formula. Create a character, gain levels as quickly as possible, cram as many skills as you possibly can on your modded interface and get that phat lewt before the next guy, right? Well, what happens if someone comes along and introduces a new type of game? is it difficult to acclimate to this new type of gameplay?

A great example of this is with Guild Wars. The gameplay is based on strategy and working with what you have available to you at that time. This is a point that Shamus Young over at Twentysided has admittedly just realized. In his recent post about GW strategy gameplay, he explains that eureka moment he had when he realized that GW is not like the games he's used to, but it's more like a card game, where the skills you have in your 8-slot skillbar are the only ones you can use once you leave for a quest or mission. His new-found respect for the game is inspiring, as you can tell from the comments. If you find yourself confused on the purpose of GW gameplay, check out this post.

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