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Wario Land: Scan It


Is it just us being overly hopeful, or is 2D gaming on home consoles beginning to experience a mini-renaissance? The Virtual Console is pumping old-school 2D goodness down our pipes on a weekly basis, Capcom is making a new 8-bit style Mega Man for WiiWare, and Nintendo is bringing back Mario's mustache-twirling alter-ego for a fully 2D platformer, Wario Land: Shake It (we'll quietly sweep the latest Castlevania rumors under the carpet if that's okay with you).

Instead of using the NES-style graphics seen in Mega Man 9, Wario Land: Shake It will feature gorgeous, hand-drawn visuals. These were shown off in the latest edition of Nintendo Dream, and Jeux France has the full, super-large scans. Go forth, and coo at their beauty.


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