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WRUP: Old is new again edition

Mike Schramm

Seems like every week now on WRUP we've been looking forward -- from Warhammer to APB, we can't wait to get our hands on some of the biggest MMOs still "coming soon." But this week, we think it'd be a good idea to take a step backwards -- this weekend, we recommend you go back and try playing a game that you haven't touched in a while. Maybe it's Lord of the Rings Online with some of that Monster Play, or maybe check in with that creepy Bling Gnome in Dungeon Runners, or even go back and visit Star Wars Galaxies just in time for the anniversary. Why are we spending all of our time waiting for new games when there's so much out there to play right now?

Of course, the post is called "WRUP," not "WTYWWWYTP" (We Tell You What We Want You To Play) so the choice is, as always, yours: What aRe yoU Playing this weekend in the world of MMOs? There's a certain charm in going back and visiting old characters, and you never know -- maybe an update since you left an old game or a little bit of leveling will show you a lot more in the game that you didn't see before and get you interested all over again.

And if not, you can still just wait for Warhammer. It's up to you.

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