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An aerial view of Halo 3's Cold Storage [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: The 7th Columnist has as interesting analysis of a "hidden message' found at the end of the Weekly Update. We wouldn't get our hopes up too high, but Bungie may be hinting at a special 48 hour Bungie Day playlist as well as the release of Cold Storage for free on 7/7/08. Interesting stuff ...

Last night's Bungie Weekly Update brought information about a few Halo 3 matchmaking updates, July's Double EXP Weekends and confirmation that Bungie Day 2008 (7/7/08) will be celebrated just like last year with another round of exclusive one day only gamer pictures and theme download as well as mention that they have a "few other goodies planned." Exciting! But most importantly, Bungie released a few top-down aerial views of Cold Storage (viewable in the gallery below) so players can analyze the differences between it and Chill Out as well as plan their path of destruction. Bungie even offered up two versions, with weapon and power-up spawn locations or without. Speaking of which, could Cold Storage be one of those free special goodies for Bungie Day? Only time will tell kids ... be patient.


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