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The Dragon Festival returns to Guild Wars

Michael Zenke

The 2008 edition of the annual Guild Wars Dragon Festival is set to kick off starting next Thursday, July 3rd. The events, prizes, and loot drops are set to run through the evening of Sunday, July 6th PST. Every year the Canthans (the culture from Guild Wars: Factions) celebrates a festival of fireworks, mini-games, and fantastic prizes. Every year the Canthans hand out a terrifying Demon mask, and this is your chance to win the 2008 variety. You can catch it on the right, on a fearsome warrior's visage.

How do you get that mask? Glad you asked! Victory tokens are available for successfully completing the aforementioned mini-games, and you'll need 250 of those bad boys in order to claim the mask. Head over to the Shing Jea Boardwalk to play the games, try out the new missions (new ones every day), and be sure to be there on the final day of the Festival for Emperor Kisu's proclamation and mask distribution. Happy Dragon Fest!

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