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High Stakes introduced by Rainbow Six Vegas 2 DLC

Alan Tsang

Ubisoft will put out a free Fan Pack for the tactical FPS game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 according to their website, and you can download this via PSN starting in July. It will introduce a new gameplay option named High Stakes, which makes the game much more difficult -- radars, aim assistance and health regeneration are all out the window. Ammunition will be scarce and accuracy during moving will be lower.

Furthermore, there will be three remixed levels: Calypso Casino of the original Rainbow Six Vegas, dark Murdertown and dark CQB Training. Lastly, there will be tweaks, balancing, features, new spawning and chat options, new ranks and new A.C.E.S. levels.

Full list of features are on Ubisoft's site. We are glad they haven't given up on the game, but will we be able to forgive their earlier special PS3 "exclusives"?

[Via GameSpot]

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