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Poll results: 43% of Joystiq readers were right about Diablo 3

Ross Miller

It turns out Joystiq readers are very smart soothsayers (not that the entire internet didn't see it coming, either through wishful thinking or horribly Photoshopped images "leaked from Blizzard's servers"). When the mysterious week-long splash page started, we asked you to predict the announcement expected at the Worldwide Invitational. Here were your top three answers:
  • Diablo 3, and it's about time! (43.8%)
  • Wrath of the Lich King release date (19.2%)
  • Starcraft 2 release date (8.9%)
Congratulations to everyone who guessed right. And as for everyone else ... hey, what are you complaining about? You still got Diablo 3!

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