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TUAW Best of the Week

Cory Bohon

Welcome to the latest installment of TUAW's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment. If you're using either Microsoft Office 2004 or Office 2008, you might want to check auto update sometime in the near future.

TV shows added to Australia iTunes Store
First the land down under gets the iPhone and Apple Store, now they're getting iTunes TV shows. This is no doubt something that Apple should have done a long time ago, but I'm sure there are many rejoicing Australians!

Mod: use your MacBook Air Superdrive on any machine
Ever since the MacBook Air Superdrives have been out, we've all been asking ourselves the same question: how can we use this on any Mac? Well, some creative individual found out a sure-fire way to do this.

Take back your iWeb galleries in Firefox 3
Have you been lonely without your iWeb galleries? Well, be lonely no more because someone found a way to fix Firefox's? ... erm ... Apple's? ... erm ... someone's problem with iWeb galleries in Firefox 3.

Last day to buy MacHeist Bundle
The MacHeist retail bundle is finally over, but you can now find MacHeist's new summer bundle that features Parallels and other nice applications for a very low price.

Keep your iPhone from losing its cookies
Has the cookie monster been lurking in your iPhone? Join Brett as he tries to find a way to rid the loss of cookies from your iPhone.

Original iPhone warranties about to expire
Did you buy a first generation iPhone? If you're reading this today, chances are your iPhone's warranty will be up tomorrow.

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Get some free tunes.

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