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WoW Insider Show special WWI '08 edition going live

Mike Schramm

A special Worldwide Invitational edition of the WoW Insider Show is about to go live over on WoW Radio in just a few minutes -- myself, John "BigBearButt" Patricelli, Matthew Rossi, and Duncor from WoW Radio will be live on the air talking about all the announcements we heard at WWI '08 this afternoon, and we'll be speaking live with Turpster all the way from the convention in Paris about what he's seen. Subjects of discussion will include Diablo 3, everything we heard at the two dev panels today (Titan's Grip! Two talent trees! Pet talent trees!), as well as all the other news coming out of WWI.

We're also chatting live on IRC with players and listeners -- join us in the #wowradio channel at And you can email us any questions you have (for us or Turpster in Paris), at Should be a great show. Come join us right now over on the WoW Radio website.

Update: Show's over and we covered pretty much everything (and got some good info from Turpster). Keep an eye on the site -- there will be a recording posted on WoW Radio later this weekend and on WoW Insider next week. And if you missed the show, you can always subscribe to it in iTunes and get the new one whenever it comes out.

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