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WWI08 Costume Contest Gallery

Jennie Lees

Wrapping up the first day of the Worldwide Invitational 2008, Blizzard held a costume competition and dance contest, both well-loved staples of their community events. The main hall upstairs was packed to bursting and your humble WoW Insider blogger got kindly escorted away from the official photography stand, but that didn't stop us snapping what we could of the contests.

We were surprised at how little exposure the costumes got compared to the dancers; the costume participants were trundled on to stage in groups, gave a quick wave and then herded to the back, whereas the hosts of the contest had plenty of banter with almost every dance competitor and even joined in with some of the dances. We would have liked to get a closer, and longer, look at some of the beautiful creations on display.

Browse through WoW Insider's WWI08 Costume and Dance Contest Gallery to see some of the highlights of the show, and find out the eventual winners.

Gallery: WWI08 Costume and Dance Contest | 26 Photos

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