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Mega Man 9 confirmed coming to XBLA?


While the long awaited sequel to the classic franchise has been confirmed for Nintendo's WiiWare download service for some time now, there was still quite a bit of speculation that that game would be releasing on more than just a Nintendo platform.

Mega Man 9 was originally revealed via an OFLC ratings board leak, and was listed there as a multiplatform release. But this was taken with a grain of salt as the OFLC has been known to list things as multiplatform which ended up not being so. Now apparently, someone over at arstechnica has gotten thier hands on a Capcom E3 roster list which seems to confirm that the blue bomber will be making his way to all download services, XBLA included. Since Capcom has been relativly good to the Live arcade in the past (Rocketmen, Commando 3, SFII, etc), we think it's safe to say that E3 will bring the official reveal of the 8-bit wonder.

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