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Aware Electronics shows off A-Pad convertible netbook


As you're no doubt all too well aware, there's certainly no shortage of netbook options out there these days, but the number of convertible netbooks is considerably more limited -- a situation that little known Aware Electronics now looks set to somewhat rectify. It's apparently now set to jump into the game with this 7-inch number, which packs an Aday5G 800MHz X86 processor (all bets are off on that one), 4GB of NAND Flash, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth (with optional 3G and GPS), an integrated webcam, dual USB ports, an SD card slot, and the LINOS Linux distribution for an OS. Nothing particularly standout there, but Aware is promising that this one'll sell for $300 when it launches in two months, which certainly evens things out -- assuming that you can actually get one for that price.

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