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Blu-ray releases on July 1st, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

We have fourteen new titles for Blu-ray this week and believe it or not it is a slow start to the biggest Blu month to date. The biggest week is at the end of the month, when twenty four new releases hit the streets thanks to some help from Universal's first Blu-ray titles. Although there are plenty of new titles this week, there really isn't much to talk about. The biggest title is easily Vantage Point, but that isn't saying much as one of the only other day-and-date releases up against it was Meet the Browns, which with its IMDB rating of 2.2 puts it at number seventy on the list of all time worst movies. There are a few good catalogs this week though, like In the Line of Fire, there are also a few concerts. Next week doesn't have as many new releases with only eight, but it is Batman week as the nine month wait for a Blu-ray version of Batman Begins is finally over. Now Warner, about The Matrix...

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