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Doodle Hex screens to tide us over


Tragnarion Studios' Doodle Hex was initially slated for a June 2008 release in the UK, but with so little June left in 2008 it's clear that the wait for the puzzler has been extended a bit. Further clues can be found on publisher Pinnacle Software's website. Well, not so much "further clues" as "definitive proof" -- the site lists a July 11 date.

In lieu of actually releasing the game, the publisher released new screenshots of the versus puzzler. We think the concept of Doodle Hex -- drawing series of runes on the touch screen in rapid succession to send combos of attacks, status ailments, and other effects toward an opponent -- seems like it could make for an interestingly fast-paced game. Or a confusing mess of rune shapes we can't remember! One or the other.


[Via press release]

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