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Florensia: A game of pirates and magic


Call it "Pirates of the Sea of Blue-Haired Girls", call it what you will, the latest Asian import MMO to touch our shores is the unique Florensia, which burda:ic will publishing for Western eyes sometime soon. Captain a ship, explore hidden mysteries, use magic, fight pirates, perform quests all across the world. Build your own ship, customize your character to look just the way you want. If you took Pirates of the Burning Sea, sped up the game play (especially sea battles -- watch the video below -- changed the style from realistic to cartoonish, added magic and removed the subscription price, you'd have Florensia.

Florensia has just ended its closed beta test and will be going into open beta test sometime in July. Defend your city from peril from the sea and the land, join in massive sea battles -- what's not to like? The system requirements are so low that you could practically run this game on an abacus. It's definitely worth a look, so expect to hear more of Florensia in the coming weeks.

Video after the jump. Check out those sea battles!

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