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Gamers on the Street: Watching for Wrath


Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

Are you spending Monday digging through the pile of Wrath of the Lich King news from this weekend's Worldwide Invitational in Paris -- or is today (and the remaining months leading up to the expansion's release) just another day in the World of Warcraft for you? We popped on to Warsong server this morning, where Stormwind was positively bristling with activity: guild and Arena team recruiting, a PuG for Zul'Aman forming, plenty of spam for various heroics, and a healthy number of twinks going about their Old World business.

I had expected to encounter a fair number of players who weren't aware of this weekend's deluge of Wrath news – or who plain didn't care – but instead, I was met with nothing but enthusiasm. So I pulled up my trusty 3-bubbles-of-xp, level 1 warrior to the steps of the bank to visit with Zidona, a Night Elf Rogue I'd noticed vigorously recruiting (in Spanish Portuguese, from his home in Brazil) for fresh blood for his guild, Viral.


Zidona whispers: 'Sup.

Gamers on the Street: Hey there, how's it going? Have you been following the news this weekend and today about the specific changes and new content coming up in Wrath?
Zidona: Yup, I am, as all good WoW players.

So what's your overall impression? Are you more excited about Wrath now?
I won't be a cry-baby about these changes. I like them. Finally, shammies are getting some CC. I am not sure about the DK in raids, though, but I am looking forward to put my hand on the Wrath.

Misgivings? What's up?
Like how the DK role will affect 25-man raids. I am afraid that people will start re-rolling DKs just because it is more interesting. I am excited with the Pallies and Shammies. Finally, they are doing something to fix these classes, the hybrid aspect of it.

Oh, do you play a hybrid class, too?
I have a Druid and a Priest.

What about your own class? And speaking of changes -- what do you think about Cheat Death changes?
As a Rogue player, I will need to complain about it -- but I must admit that it is overpowered in Arenas.

What about in PvE?
Rogues changed a lot in PvE since BC. Before, the sword spec was the king DPS in a raid; now, it kinda boiled down ... I just wish it (would swing) back.

Where is your guild raiding now?
Actually I am not raiding right now. I kinda stopped for a while when I got back to Brazil.

So what are you most looking forward to in Wrath? New content? Rolling a DK? More raiding, less raiding ...?
I am looking forward to the world PvP. It will be nice. And the new raids, as I stopped raiding, will be nice to start over again.

Who will you be leveling up in Wrath first?
The Rogue, for sure. It is faster. LOL

I noticed you've been recruiting for your guild. Are you building up for raiding in Wrath?
Yup. I am trying to build up a casual player kind of raiding guild. I hope it works.

Going for 25-man content, or will you be doing it in the 10-man size?
I will try to do both, but it will be 10-man to start with. What class do you play?

My main right now is a Holy/Disc priest.
The priest changes =] -- do you like?

I think they'll help get the job done, sure. I play with a very small groups of friends who've gamed together a long time, and it helps me to have lots of tools because we try crazy things!
I can imagine. My group was like that before it broke up. We were like 30 people who played together for almost 3 years.

So what will you be concentrating on between now and Wrath -- building the guild? Will you start doing more runs, like Kara or ZA, to get ready?
Yup. This is my main focus now. I am doing ZA now. =] I am doing some PvP and Arenas, too.

Awesome. Good luck with recruiting, and have fun in Wrath!
Thank you ... =]

Gamers on the Street goes out to talk to players live on the realms every Monday, finding out what's hot on players' minds. Is Wrath news from Paris hot on yours? Browse our Worldwide Invitational category, hot off the presses from WoW Insider's team in Paris.

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