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Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus makes some changes for PSP

Nick Doerr

While our translation tools are far from perfect, we think we've gotten the gist of what's mentioned on the GameWatch website. This is going to be the biggest Guilty Gear title to-date with 25 characters and what appears to be 3-on-3 battles. Since this is on the PSP, ad-hoc capability is going to get some attention. Playing ranked matches in that mode will net you higher rankings based on if you win or lose a number of times.

There's over 350 scenes and full voice acting for the scenarios, but you can also choose Mission Mode and get some sort of reward for clearing that (an illustration per character?). In addition, there's Survival Mode where you can choose one character and grow them to be pretty much unstoppable there. If any of our translation came out wrong, let us know, but the game's getting a release July 24 ... we're assuming the 2006 we got in our translation is a typo and they mean 2008. Get ready to import! Let's rock!

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