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Disgaea 3 writer and programmer discuss graphics, success outside Japan

Alan Tsang

Why must Japan torture us with their DLC of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice while we wait simply to play the game? Fortunately, we have a drop of water here to quench your thirst. NIS producer Souhei Niikawa, who also wrote Disgaea 3, and lead programmer Masahiro Yamamoto sat down in an interview with Gamasutra.

Niikawa is adamant about priorities -- working on being successful in the land of the rising sun, and simply hoping the game will sell in America. He feels that as a Japanese person he is incapable of making a game targeted towards US audiences without being laughed at. We beg to differ, Mr. Niikawa! Yamamoto, on the other hand, defended their lack of next-gen graphics in their title by saying: "Even if it's the latest super console, we're trying to make the most fun games out there." Niikawa expressed his desire to use next-gen power "for the gameplay itself, for something new that maybe you've never seen before."

The interview concludes with Gamasutra remarking on how Nippon Ichi is in Gifu Prefecture, which is "the middle of nowhere" in Japan and how that affects their development. Niikawa feels Tokyo has too many temptations and distractions -- in Gifu they are able to concentrate on their work. Perhaps this is the secret to Nippon Ichi's ability to make such unique and amazing games. Read the full interview here.

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