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New 3G Motorola in FCC doesn't do anything for us

Chris Ziegler

This new Motorola in the FCC's filings looks like no model we're familiar with, and from what we can see, that's a very good thing. The candybar was only tested for GSM / EDGE 1900 and Bluetooth, an indication that it's destined for some non-US market -- though the manual makes mention of 3G capability and we see a front-facing cam here as well, so whatever market does get it will have access to some speedy data and video calling. We only hope this little gem is nothing more than a low-end model designed to bring WCDMA to the masses (or possibly a one-off custom designed to a carrier's exact specifications), because if it's even remotely indicative of the design direction Moto's looking to go in the post-breakup era, we can get that fork ready. You know, the one we'll use to stick in Motorola... when it's done. Ah, never mind.

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