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New patching schedule for Age of Conan

Adrian Bott

While it initially seemed like good news that FunCom were patching twice a week, and thus doing their best to nail the wheels back on the Age of Conan wagon as it bumped unsteadily down the trail, it didn't work out quite so well in practice. The frenetic pace of updates has meant that new bugs got added even as old ones got found and fixed, and the recent calamity in which a patch had to be rolled back altogether has possibly convinced FunCom that fewer, more rigorously tested updates are preferable.

The additional testing, as we've mentioned, comes with the opening of the new TestLive server. Patches will also be slowed to the rate of one a week; Wednesdays will be the day to watch out for new updates. These two measures ought to make the unfolding progress of Age of Conan much smoother. Of course, FunCom also need to deliver a balanced, fun game as well as a bug-free one. There's a lot more subjectivity involved in that assessment. We've seen some exciting-looking announcments for the game's future; now we just have to see if they can deliver.

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