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Sony officially reveals PS3 firmware 2.40 features, coming July 2


Following months of rumors, speculation, and – most of all – waiting, Sony has officially unveiled version 2.40 of the PlayStation 3's operating system and XrossMediaBar (XMB) interface. Joystiq got a look at it in action last week and can finally unzip our lips about what we saw.

In a nutshell, the update introduces most of the features we've seen floating around as rumors for some time. Here's the short list of what you can now do without exiting from games:
  • In-game XMB (a quick tap of the PS button brings it up)
  • View game-specific Trophies (We'll have more on this major feature at 8AM EST / 5AM PST)
  • Time / date display
  • Send text messages to PSN users on your friends list
  • Access accessory settings, such as Bluetooth pairing and voice changer
  • View and manage downloads
  • Quits game directly from an icon under the "Game" section of the XMB
  • Search the web using the Google Search option under "Network" (similar to the latest PSP firmware)
  • Launch directly into another game from the one you're currently playing
  • Play music tracks stored on the HDD in games that support this feature
  • Access a new on-screen music player interface (when listening to your own tracks in supported titles)
Sony hasn't announced a release date for its latest firmware update, stating only that it will be "very soon." The official press release says the firmware is coming July 2 (this Wednesday!). There are quite a few rumored / hoped for features that aren't finding their way into this release. There are also a number of quibbles with the functionality of the features that did make the cut. We go in-depth with our likes and dislikes of firmware 2.40 right here.

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