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Blizzard Authenticator passcode token adds anti-theft enchantment to your World of Warcraft account


Nothing's worse than when you log on to raid Onyxia only to find that some loser sold all your elite loot. Fear not, vulnerable World of Warcraft denizens, for Blizzard is here to sell you the $6.50 "Blizzard Authenticator" dongle. Reacting to an upswing in account theft incidents, Blizzard has released a security token that allows hardcore users to add another layer of protection to their high-level (and attractive) characters. The device is basically a SecurID token with a six-digit code that you'll need to keep with you any time you want to get your groove on in Azeroth. By the way, we dare you to put this on your keychain and wear it with pride.

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