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IGN to Silicon Knights: Here's how to fix Too Human

Jason Dobson

With initial previews of Silicon Knights' Too Human painting the long-in-development action RPG as a few miles short of Valhalla, IGN has stepped up, offering the developer a handful of advice concerning items that site would like to see corrected before the game ships in August.

According to IGN, among the issues needing a little extra lovin' are the game's lock-happy camera, random loot drops, and "sluggish" framerate, as well as a general lack of combat hand-holding and backstory -- each of which the site is only too happy to offer up a helpful tip or two to correct. Of course, with Dyack and Co. set to take their seemingly flawed action romp on the road next month, we doubt that a few choice words from an outside source will help right a decade of stumbling.

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