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Konami confirms our worst fears: Castlevania Judgment for Wii


Okay, maybe we're all doom and gloom about Konami's decision to take the Castlevania franchise into the fighting game genre, but we were fine with things just the way they were. We could play a billion Dawn of Sorrows and be content for the remainder of our days. Times change, though, and so do games.

Castlevania Judgment is a reality. But, beneath its graphics and long list of Castlevania alum that comprise the game's roster of playable characters, there are some things that just might surprise you. For one, the game is totally Wi-Fi compatible. You can take the game online for some head-to-head action. Also, the title will work with the upcoming DS title, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, to unlock "bonus gameplay content." And those motion-sensitive controls? Yeah, they were spot-on. You'll be attacking with gesture-based controls, utilizing both the Wiimote and nunchuk.

Castlevania Judgment will release this fall for the Wii.

[Via press release]

Any way you slice it, Konami bringing Castlevania to the Wii is big news. If you thirst for more, check out Born for Wii, in which Castlevania was the latest title to be featured. Konami also has some other Wii titles in the works, such as Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! and Rock Revolution.

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