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Today in Joystiq: July 1, 2008

Ross Miller

You know what's cooler than a Team Fortress 2 Spy Munny? All 9 TF2 classes lined up together in Munny form. Make it happen, Internet. (Thanks, John) Check out the highlights for today:

The best of WoW Insider: June 24-July 1, 2008
Big Versus tweaks format while Alone in the Dark
Joystiq hands-on: Spore (the whole thing)
A lustful look at Limited Edition DS models
Massively Week in Review: June 24-July 1, 2008
Readers pick best webcomic: The Inevitable Conclusion

Having Bad Company connection issues on 360? Try resetting
GoldenEye 007's KLOBB returns in Too Human
The Best of The Who Rock Band set list revealed
Ding! Majesco serves up more Cooking Mama for Wii
Steam hacker caught in 'high tech' raid
Behold: New Too Human previews hit
Atlus, NIS America partner over Disgaea 3, Rhapsody remake
MGS Europe: Simultaneous 360/PC releases like shooting ourselves in the foot
Guitar Hero III getting free 'Top Gun Anthem' DLC
IGN to Silicon Knights: Here's how to fix Too Human
New Resistance 2 footage hits YouTube
Castlevania Judgment to feature Wii-DS connectivity
Burnout Paradise to receive retroactive PlayStation Trophies
Activision CEO sticks to console price drop message
Crysis Warhead preps for battle with debut trailer, screenshots
Fallout 3 producer finds Diablo 3 design 'conservative'
BioWare eyeing iPhone development
Cast your vote for Spider-Man box ... in the trash
Revisit Diablo 2, demo available at Big Download

Rumors & Speculation
Sony denies PS2 downloads on PSN, image 'mocked up'
Third-party 360s 'unlikely,' analyst says
Rumor: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Achievements leaked
Rumor: Rock Band 2 partial setlist revealed on G4

Culture & Community
Pulitzer Prize winning author says GTA IV ain't art
No pants: one in five Canadian men have gamed in the nude
Wishful tinkering: Redesigning the 360 Dashboard
Ohio library now loaning video games

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