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AoC's 2nd of July patch completes planned Necro changes

William Dobson

The first patch for Age of Conan under the new scheduling has hit the live servers. Along with a healthy portion of quest and NPC bug fixes, the second half of the discussed Necromancer changes have made it in, granting them more splash damage for a couple of their pets, some feat related changes, and the ironing out of a few bugs relating to their spells.

Massive PvP also received some updates. Players attacking battlekeeps will now respawn at the front gate of the city, a bug that disabled siege weapons has been corrected, and most notably, a lot of dodgy keep walls that could be walked through have been fixed. This patch does not introduce the major PvP overhaul that everyone has been waiting for unfortunately, and under the new schedule, we'll need to wait another week for the next opportunity. Check out the forums to get a full list of this patch's updates.

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