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Diablo 3 producer talks art, says 'color is your friend'

Jason Dobson

Diablo 3 looks to be many things, but if early footage is to be believed, dark is not one of them. It's an observation that's incurred the ire of thousands of armchair heroes expecting to return to the gritty countryside seen in previous games instead of the more colorful landscapes shown during the game's recent unveiling.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, lead producer Keith Lee explained the game's artistic direction as emphasizing contrast, while comparing the game's visual style to Lord of the Rings. To quote Lee, "color is your friend." We guess that's true ... except if you happen to be colorblind (hey, the story might be good too!). Even so -- judging by the players who've begun to gather pitchforks in hand en masse outside the Blizzard gates -- if we were Lee, we'd be sneaking out through the back.

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