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DICE cares, Bad Company updates inbound

Dustin Burg

Who would have thought that all your whining, groaning and moaning would actually inspire change in a video game? We guess only developers who're considered "cool" actually listen to their community, and in the case of Battlefield: Bad Company, the DICE crew is listening to community feedback and taking action.

Posting on the official Bad Company website, team DICE wanted to let everyone know that they're listening and are looking into all the Bad Company improvements the community has suggested. The first update being the addition of a Conquest game mode that will be included in "The Conquest Pack" which is currently in MS cert. After that's complete, DICE promises to look into issues surrounding things like auto balancing and stat exploits. Remember kids, DICE listens and DICE reacts all because DICE cares.

[Via Shacknews]

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