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EVE Online API improvements to track the Empyrean Age

Matt Warner

EVEMon, EVE Fitting Tool, and other essential programs that benefit from the EVE API platform were offline yesterday while EVE Online's Tranquility server transited over to the new Empyrean Age 1.0.1 build. With more pilots than ever participating in Empyrean Age's factional warfare, CCP has also enhanced the EVE API so players have more functionality to help track and report on the state of the war.

The factional warfare data is only calculated on the Tranquility server once a day during downtime, but will cache every hour to make sure that new data is available in the API. Official API documentation isn't included for the new stat-tracking improvements but the regular documentation is online. CCP is also planning long term development and support for the API including a test server with reduced cache times. The EVE Online developers have given players quite the toolbox to work with, and some tools are already benefiting from these changes like EVEAI.Live.

The full list of API improvements and changes are listed after the click through below.

  • Character Stats (char/FacWarStats.xml.aspx) -- Your character's stats. (requires: userID, apiKey and characterID)
  • Corporation Stats (corp/FacWarStats.xml.aspx) -- Your corporation's stats. (requires: userID, apiKey and characterID)
  • General Stats (eve/FacWarStats.xml.aspx) -- General Stats for all factions.
  • Top X lists (eve/FacWarTopStats.xml.aspx) -- Top X lists for Victory Points and Kills by day, week and total for characters, corporations and factions. Top 100 for characters, Top 10 for corporations and factions
  • Occupancy Data (map/FacWarSystems.xml.aspx) - List of Factional Warfare systems, with owner and current occupier and any contested systems.

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