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Poke the Force with Lightsaber styli

Candace Savino

We're often wooed by game-themed styli, but never has the Force been with a touchpen so much as with these mini Lightsabers. Releasing on July 31st, these official Nintendo and Lucas Arts styli are sure to sell like hotcakes (we can think of at least one game they'll go well with). Yet if you plan to buy them, you'll have a tough choice to make -- should you get the three small replicas for $7.99, or the two slightly bigger light-up sabers for $16.99? Choices, choices.

So far we've only seen these beauties available on Amazon through seller BD&A, but we're sure they'll hit other retailers as time passes. If you're too cheap to make the purchase, though, be sure to check out our guide for stylus alternatives.

[Thanks, Kimiko!]

Source: Nintendo DS Star Wars Light Up Lightsaber Stylus 2 Pack
Source: Nintendo DS Star Wars Lightsaber Stylus 3 Pack

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