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Trophy timestamps are 'translated' when comparing with friends

Jem Alexander

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Trophies brought with them a level of competitiveness that hasn't been available on the PS3 before today. That's why we're certain that some of you are going to be ferociously comparing your trophies with your pals'. Each trophy is timestamped with the exact minute that you obtained it, so even if you and your friends have exactly the same number, you can see who got each one first.

But what happens when your friend lives in a different timezone? Thankfully, this is not an issue. All times are converted over to your timezone whenever you compare trophies with anyone on your friends list. You can clearly see this in the high resolution version of the image above. Despite Jeff being 8 hours behind, the time still states that we got our hands on the trophy before him. Not that we're bragging, or anything.

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