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Electrifying new inFAMOUS screens surface


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Zap! Bang! Pow! Those are the names we've given to three new screens of Sucker Punch's open-world superhero/villain game that have appeared on the official PlayStation blog. We think they're only fitting since each shot depicts Dylan, the good/bad guy from inFAMOUS, using his electric bolts to tear the town a new one.

The game continues to look great, albeit very ... brown. Maybe these screens are just from the game's Brown District. (Okay, so we don't actually know that it has such a district, or even districts at all, but please play along?)

Along with the screens, Sony mentions that it will have "a bunch of news" about inFAMOUS at E3. We hope the "news" is that the game is actually playable at the show (and less brown).

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