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JTT Wii Wheel serves Mario Karters of all heights


Japan Trust Technology has become the latest third-party company to offer an alternative to the perfectly-fine-as-it-is Wii Wheel. Unlike Nintendo's own effort, the JTT wheel comes with a steering column that attaches to surfaces through a combination of a suction cup and your disgusting saliva. We've seen third-party wheels add a steering column before, though this one also allows you to vertically swivel the wheel through 120°, like so.

We've not a clue if this will ever see the light of day in the west, but if it does then JTT might want to reconsider the price: right now, this is retailing for ¥2,980, a.k.a. $28, a.k.a. three first-party Wii Wheels. That's hella pricey -- especially for something you can get for free!

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