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    MSI Titan 700 mini-PC gets reviewed

    Nilay Patel

    We weren't exactly hot on MSI's Titan 700 mini-PC when it first hit back in May, and now that TrustedReviews has had a chance to look one over, it looks like our initial impression wasn't that far off the mark. Although the diminutive case was stylish in an industrial way, the fit and finish left something to be desired, and the DVD door is apparently rather convoluted. The machine itself, powered by a ULV 2GHz VIA C7M, is "annoyingly audible" when running, and you're not getting a ton of horsepower in return -- a 720p AVI file barely played, and a .mov at the same res brought Windows Media Player to its knees. Like we said last time, unless space is at a premium, you're probably better off investing $500 into a real PC -- even if that means you have to forgo the Darth Vader looks.

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