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Sony mocks the 360 for its XBLA de-listing and UI

Dustin Burg

Getting in a few jabs heading into E3, Sony's PlayStation Network boss Eric Lempel decided to call out Microsoft on their Xbox Live Arcade de-listing antics and making fun of the Xbox 360 for its use of an inferior user interface.

"We definitely want to make sure that [the PlayStation Store] offers quality titles and games that our consumers are going to enjoy" Lempel told, saying that "depending on what type of UI you have you can accommodate a lot of titles." Then, Lempel throws in a verbal left hook, saying that "over at the competitors' UI they may have some issues just displaying content, and scrolling up and down lists isn't the easiest way to find things." Ouch. We'll be the first to acknowledge the 360's XBLM may not incorporate the best way to navigate content, but the PSN isn't all peaches and creme either. Maybe Sony is just feeling the need to blow off some steam because, as we all know, releasing a 2.4 update can cause a lot of unwanted stress.

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