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Spyborgs not sneaking in to E3 this year

Phil Larsen

When it was first announced, we promised to keep an eye on the doin's and transpirin's of Spyborgs. The trailer is hilarious, the dev team is experienced, and Capcom is talking it up like it's going to be some kind of surprise hit. The sad truth -- everyone needs to wait a little longer before hearing more news about this silly sci-fi title.

Spyborgs won't be shown at E3, the biggest marketing and promotions event of the year. After being questioned about the game in the Capcom forums, the all-knowing Christian Svensson mentioned that there were limited details at Captivate 08 (yeah, we know), but it's still going to "lie low for a bit until we're ready for a bigger reveal." It makes sense in a way -- with the onslaught of overhyped bigger games coming up at E3, it might be best to sneak this smaller, hopefully good game under the radar, and bust out the details when we least expect it.


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