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Bungie's next project, something to do with a Superintendent?

Dustin Burg

We recently stumbled across some very interesting Bungie related news over on the NeoGAF forums that we've A) never heard about and B) feel ashamed for not not having heard about it previously. It's news that (allegedly) pertains to Bungie's next super secret project and the possibility that they've been dropping subtle hints these past few months. Odd and confusing hints that all point to the little janitor-looking "Superintendent" character you see above.

As the story goes, way back in May of this year, this mysterious (and adorable) Superintendent artwork has been making appearances on Bungie posts, has been seen on employees' tshirts, has been spotted on the forums, has appeared on the Bungie webcam and has even been seen in the latest Cold Storage ViDoc with text reading "KEEP CLEAN". What does this all mean? Does this really have to do with Bungie's next secret project? If so, will it be a janitor sim? Will the Superintendent character grace Monday's free Bungie Day gamer picture pack? Why is the Superintendent giving us a thumbs up while holding a plunger? We have no idea, but hopefully next week's celebration of Bungie Day will make things more clear. In the meantime, take the jump to look over the timeline of Bungie's Superintendent shenanigans and see if you can put the puzzle pieces together. You know, Da Vinci Code style.

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