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Image credit: lists Devil May Cry for PSP [Update]

[Update: riot from – along with our own Andrew Yoon – let us know this listing has apparently been on Capcom's Japanese website since as far back as 2005. What's the deal, Capcom?]

Rumors that Devil May Cry would be theatrically shooting its way onto the PSP are about as old as the PSP itself. As far back as June 2005, Capcom discussed bringing Devil May Cry to the PSP along with nine other PSP titles; at that time, GameSpot wrote, "Devil May Cry [for the PSP] could see the light of day before 2006." By the time 2006 rolled around, still no sign of Devil May Cry for PSP, save for a mention on Capcom's Japanese website.

So here we are, two years on, and again we're seeing a mention of Devil May Cry for PSP on Capcom's Japanese site. Included at the top of a list of recently released and not-yet-released PSP games, "Devil May Cry" is alone in its absence of a release date, a price, or a linked website. Hit the Source link to see if it's still there or, just in case they've noticed that Dante crawled out of his cage and taken it down, we've got a screengrab after the break. Just a reminder: Capcom's E3 press conference is at 10:30ET on July 15th. Just saying ...

[Thanks, Jared; via VFH]

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