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Hands-on and unboxing: JVC Everio HD40 camcorder

Darren Murph

We got a chance to peek JVC's latest line of Everio camcorders in a controlled environment a few weeks back, but we finally managed to snag a retail HD40 (that's the flagship model in this series) and take it off to our own special corner. Of course, we tackled the first things first: unboxing and hands-on. Early impressions are that the unit is surprisingly light, though it's on the bulky side. Granted, there is 120GB of storage in there, so it may be a fair trade off for some. We're letting the battery charge up and plan to shoot some video with it over the weekend; we'll be writing up a full review here shortly. 'Til then, enjoy the gallery below (complete with comparison shots with the impressive Samsung SC-HMX20C).

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