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New City of Heroes fanzine launched

Adrian Bott

City of Heroes community relations manager Alex 'Lighthouse' Von Minden doubles up as the editor for a new CoX Fanzine. The current issue is technically Issue 1, the former 'Issue 0' having been released as a preview issue, reproducing material from the Fan Submissions section of the Top Cow comic.

Issue 1 features a spectacular cover by Douglas Shuler, with Back Alley Brawler and Ghost Widow apparently on the same side for once. The background of Cimeroran soldiers can only mean they're among the many Heroes and Villains who've chosen to set aside their differences for long enough to help Imperious make the future safe. Ghost Widow's not looking too shabby for someone who's been dead at least three years, as Back Alley Brawler (the developer) would have liked to affirm.

The City of Heroes player base is gifted with some real talent, as the fan-made publication The City Scoop also shows on a regular basis. This new production is more of an art and fiction showcase, and it's well worth a read. Lighthouse also gives us welcome confirmation that the player generated content system we'd hoped would be in Issue 13 will be coming next:

'While the game community is still enjoying the post release fun of playing through the finished content of Issue 12, the development team is already hard at work on what is coming next. Chief among those coming features is the concept of "player created content" that Positron announced with the 4 year anniversary of City of Heroes. Also, we can look forward to the expanded use of the new contextual dialog feature that our lead writer, Hero 1, explained in his pre-Issue 12 release article.'

Issue 1 of the fanzine can be downloaded in PDF form from the main CoH site, along with the earlier Issue 0.

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