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State of the Game letter issued for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Michael Zenke

The development team for Vanguard: Sage of Heroes has released a brand new Producer's Letter offering up a state of the game. Despite the long history of problems and pitfalls plaguing the game, the team seems optimistic about their near-future projects. They've opened up a new win-back program, allowing canceled and closed accounts to come back and check on the game's progress. They're working on a brand new Game Update, GU6, which will offer up another large swath of content.

They're also making plans to finally introduce the free trial Vanguard players have long asked for. The Isle of Dawn will be a brand new starting zone for new players, a new hub city for existing players, and the central element of the trial. Finally, the already-impressive graphical presentation in the game is going to receive some modifications. You may recall that back in Update 4 some customization options were removed to make way for helmets and future improvements. Those improvements are apparently now on the way, and they plan to stagger the new character models as they come to the players. According to the letter, "Vanguard is a game about heroes. It's right there in the title even – Saga of Heroes. We're making it so players' character models look more heroic than they have in the past. This means that characters will have more definition and will just be able to look not only cooler but tougher in general."

Head over to the site to see the future of this innovative, if marred, game.

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