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PSP may have helped police catch multiple murderer

Alan Tsang

The last story we posted on, it appeared a PSP lead to a violent crime. We now have an even more violent story coming out of London; however, this time the PSP might have helped catch the murderer. The Sun reports that two 23-year old French post-graduate students shown above, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were "bound, gagged and stabbed to death" in an apartment in London on Sunday night. The police believe they were tortured for the PIN numbers to their ATM cards. Bonomo was stabbed 196 times and Ferez was stabbed 47 times.

Fortunately, the police did have clues. They "established that two Sony PSPs are missing and believe they were taken during the incident on Sunday when the two men were killed." They also released one of the PSP's serial numbers, SO1-0613169-C. Today, a 21-year old man has been arrested in connection with the murders. It is unclear whether the serial number released helped solve the crimes, but it is good to hear a culprit has been apprehended in these grisly murders.

[Note: Due to the tabloid nature of the Sun, here is the BBC's take.]

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