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Lego Universe revamps website and opens the creation lab

Matt Warner

One Lego brick after another, you build for months on end in the Lego Universe. You want your creation there with you, physically for your fingers to grapple with. You purchase your creation and an exact replica of every virtual Lego brick you used to mold your online creation is sitting on your desk the following week. That's one of the interesting and genius ideas being planned for Lego Universe, and the website for the game was recently revamped and offers new interactive features for Lego fans of all ages.

The one part of the site that stands out is the creation lab. Users can submit their own Lego designs, stories, and even art to help inspire the development team. The Lego Universe is all about user created content, players sharing their own stories through the Lego medium, and the site is already harnessing a strong community. There's also a new Lego Universe logo, and this post that talks about the process the team undertook including tapping into the user submissions and using them as a synergy to get to the final version.

The Lego Universe beta is rumored to start in August and those who sign up for the Lego Universe newsletter will be notified when signups go live before the news is announced on the site. Devs, please don't nerf the red bricks in the first patch!

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