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Breakfast topic: Why should you be in the Beta?

Amanda Dean

Not long ago Blizzard opened up the expansion content to selected friends and family. We've had a few days to sign up for the Wrath of the Lich King beta test. Blizzard has made it clear that assignment in the Beta test that aside from a better chance of selection among* World Wide Invitational attendees, the beta testers will be selected by a random lottery. But what is it that makes a good beta tester?

I've entered twice for the Beta, as I have two accounts. I'm not sure how many participants will be selected, but I really hope I get in. If I wasn't with WoW Insider, I probably would avoid the beta. I'm rather in favor of delicious surprised once the expansion is actually released. Recent iterations of the Public Test Realm have invited everyone to come and play. Many have taken that challenge to see nifty, new gear and test new mechanics. Blizzard has proven open to feedback through progressive testing.

If beta entry were an application process, I have much to offer as a tester. I have a more keen awareness of balance and mechanics than I once did. If they're offering character copies, my five level seventies would be a boon as I'd be able to discuss a range of classes. I'd certainly be all over PvP mechanics. If I were selected, I'd supply Blizzard with comprehensive feedback about the way things work (or don't work,as the case may be). I'd be both excited and critical as a beta tester. Of course, I'd share as much information as of official policy allows with the wonderful readers of WoW Insider.

What would you put on your Beta application?

* Forum post is in French, see the translation at MMO Champion.

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